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  • Charles H. Tator

    Charles H. Tator OC, MD,PHD, FRCSC

    • Bio

      Charles H. Tator OC, MD, PHD, FRCSC trained in neurosurgery and neuropathology at the University of Toronto, and was the university’s Chair of Neurosurgery, from 1989-99. He was Head of Neurosurgery at the Toronto Western Hospital, and the University Health Network. In 1992, he founded ThinkFirst, Canada, a national brain and spinal cord injury foundation aimed at reducing the incidence of catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries. He has published over 400 papers in peer review journals and 85 book chapters, mostly in the field of brain and spinal cord injury. He has performed research on the epidemiology, prevention and treatment of brain and spinal cord injury. Currently, his spinal cord injury laboratory is focused on stem cells and ant-inhibitory factors for promotion of regeneration of the injured nervous system. He has held two research chairs at the University of Toronto, the Dan Family Chair in Neurosurgery and the Campeau-Tator Chair in Brain and Spinal Cord Research. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada (elevated in 2017), and an inductee into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. At present, he is a Senior Scientist in the Krembil Research Institute at the Toronto Western Hospital and a Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Toronto. He is Project Leader of the Canadian Concussion Centre at the University Health Network and Krembil Neuroscience Centre. His concussion research includes postconcussion syndrome, CTE, and concussion policy. Recent awards include the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Canadian Neurosurgical Society, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Spinal Injuries Association, and in 2012 the Excellence in Safety Award of USA Hockey. In 2017, he was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame for his work on the prevention of spinal cord injuries and concussions in sports