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  • Colin Michael Shapiro

    Colin Michael Shapiro BSc (Med), BSc (Hons), MBBCh, MRCPsych, FRCP (C)

    • Bio

      Colin Shapiro is a professor of psyciatry and opthalmology at the University of Toronto; former editor of theJournal of Psychosomatic Research; as well as the founding president of the British Sleep Society and the International Neuropsychiatric Association. He has published several books for lay audiences on the subject of insomnia and has broad interest in the sleep field ranging from the depiction of sleep in art and sleep in animals.

        • 3:35pm - 4:35pm

          • Colin Michael Shapiro, BSc (Med), BSc (Hons), MBBCh, MRCPsych, FRCP (C),Dora Zalai, MD, MA, PhD Candidate
            Session Credits: 1 Mainpro+ Sessions1000 in Lecture Hall 1