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Dermatology: Top 10 “Must Know” For 2018

Type: Session
Therapeutic: Dermatology
Thursday May 10
4:45pm to 5:45pm
Location: Lecture Hall 1
Credits: 1 Mainpro+

  • Description

    1. Contact dermatitis: Allergens of the year, where to get patch testing and why. 2. Drug reaction of the year: You see it but don’t know it. Hint: gliptins 3. Drug rashes, when to get worried. Hint: Fever. 4. Biologics for everything (and why)? Psoriasis 5. Biologics for everything (and why)? Atopic dermatitis 6. Biologics for everything (and why)? Hidaradenitis suppurativa 7. Hand dermatitis: Think patch testing, biologics, work-related, alitretinoin. 8. One word: CANCER: Keratinocyte carcinomas, 9. More CANCER: Merkel cell tumors, Melanoma 10. Wound healing: Leg ulcers are helped by compression

    Learning Objectives
    • Dermatitis can be helped most when we know the correct type: atopic, contact, hand dermatitis are 3 examples.
    • Skin cancers are on the rise and we can treat them medically and surgically. The main killers are melanoma and Merkel cell tumours. “If tumour is the rumour. Tissue is the issue.”
    • Drug rashes can be catogarized and managed by thinking of the appearance of the rash and the presence of fever.

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