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What’s New in Hypertension

Type: Session
Therapeutic: Cardiovascular Medicine,Geriatrics,Nephrology
Friday May 11
10:15am to 11:15am
Location: Lecture Hall 1
Credits: 1 Mainpro+

  • Description

    For many years, the Canadian Hypertension Education Program (CHEP) has provided guidance to clinicians on how to diagnose and treat high blood pressure. Recently, the CHEP recommendations have been renamed the Hypertension Canada Guidelines. In addition to a name change, there have been several important changes to how hypertension is diagnosed, the target blood pressure in certain populations, and to the list of recommended first line therapies in uncomplicated hypertension. This interactive lecture will review some of these important changes to the hypertension guidelines.

    Learning Objectives
    • Discuss changes to the measurement of blood pressure in the office.
    • Debate which patients should be targeted for a systolic blood pressure target of <120 mmHg.
    • Review changes to the list of recommended first line therapies in hypertension without compelling indications.

  • Speakers