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Strategic Approach to Evaluating Syncope in the Office

Type: Session
Therapeutic: Cardiovascular Medicine,Neurology
Saturday May 12
10:00am to 11:00am
Location: Lecture Hall 1
Credits: 1 Mainpro+

  • Description

    We see an incomparable amount of patients with syncope but yet, the diagnosis of the cause remains very often (if not always) elusive. How are we to make an intelligible management plan when, after our office assessment, the differential diagnoses and/or initial impressions still remain so vague? There has to be a better approach to evaluating syncope in the office and there is! This presentation will be a life and practice changing event! Be no longer frsutrated and confused about how to assess and manage syncope in your patients. See how you can be an expert in just 60 minutes. No gimmics or tricks! Just lots of pearls and strategies. Come and see how you can become a superhero of syncope!

    Learning Objectives
    • Identify high risk features in the patient presenting with syncope.
    • Apply risk stratification tools in patients presenting with syncope.
    • Make the appropriate referral for the patient presenting with syncope.

  • Speakers