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Geriatrics - When and How to D/C Medications

Type: Session
Therapeutic: Ethical & Legal Issues,Geriatrics
Friday May 11
3:35pm to 4:35pm
Location: Lecture Hall 1
Credits: 1 Mainpro+

  • Description

    Deprescribing can be daunting for many primary health care providers, particularly when patients have been on the same medications for a long time or if the drugs were prescribed by another doctor or specialist. This interactive lecture will use a case-based approach to help primary care providers identify medications that can be safely and appropriately D/C’ed in older adults in older to prevent adverse drug events and hospitalizations. Evidence-based tools and barriers to deprescribing will be addressed. Alternative non-pharmacological therapies will be discussed. Communication tips and advice for discontinuing sleeping pills in older patients, and especially older women, will be highlighted. At the end of this session, participants will feel more confident about streamlining medical therapy and reducing polypharmacy among older patients with multiple chronic conditions.

    Learning Objectives
    • To identify which drugs to deprescribe in older adults.
    • To apply evidence-based tools and deprescribing algorithms to successfully discontinue medications in the outpatient setting.
    • To effectively use communication techniques to engage patients in the deprescribing process, and substitute non-drug therapies.

  • Speakers