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Patients and Healthcare Providers: Partners in obesity management

Type: Accredited Symposia
Friday May 11
12:40pm to 1:40pm
Location: Symposia A

  • Description

    Obesity is a highly prevalent, chronic disease that requires management. Together, healthcare providers and patients play important roles in determining the eventual success of an obesity-management plan. Through this program, participants will review and discuss fundamental concepts and key considerations for obesity management, while invoking a patient’s perspective to underpin the importance of the HCP-patient collaboration in care.

    Learning Objectives
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of obesity and its pathophysiology as a chronic disease and outline a rationale for its management.
    • Discuss practical approaches to overcoming challenges in the management of obesity.
    • Outline the current treatment options for obesity including behavioural interventions, pharmacotherapy and surgery, and learn strategies to incorporate management options into practice.

    Accreditation Statement:
    This Group Learning program has been reviewed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and is awaiting final certification by the College’s Ontario Chapter.

    Industry Support
    This program was supported in part by an educational grant from Novo Nordisk,
  • Speakers