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PBSG AdHoc Workshop: Cough in Adults & Lung Cancer Screening

Type: Mainpro+ Workshops (Mainpro-C)
Friday May 11
9:00am to 12:00pm
Location: Room 103
Credits: 8 Mainpro+
Price: $295.75+HST

  • Description

    Cough is one of the most common symptomatic reasons that patients present in primary care. If it becomes chronic (> 8 weeks), cough can cause persistent difficulties, such as urinary incontinence and sleep disruption, and seriously impair quality of life. Due to the many causes of chronic cough, providing effective treatment can be a challenge. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Canada. Although the mortality rate for late stage lung cancer is extremely high, it is much lower for disease caught in the early stage. Good evidence demonstrates that lung cancer screening can reduce mortality through early detection. Identification of high-risk patients, discussion of risks and benefits, and smoking cessation counselling are essential for implementing lung cancer screening in clinical practice.

    Learning Objectives
    • The Cough in in Adults module will enable clinicians to effectively evaluate persistent cough in adults using appropriate evidence-based investigations; understand the efficacy of available treatment options (including OTC medications) and how to assess treatment response; and be cognizant of less common causes of persistent cough and appropriate approaches to evaluation, including referral.
    • The Lung Cancer Screening module will enable clinicians to comprehend screening guidelines and the strengths/weaknesses of current recommendations; determine when to screen and for how long, and when to refer patients for follow-up; discuss with patients the benefits and risks of screening with low dose computed tomography (low-dose CT) and support their decision-making process; and discuss with patients the evolving nature of lung cancer screening programmes and recommendations based on ongoing research.

  • Speakers