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Ultra-brief CBT for Worries & Fears: A three-credit-per-hour workshop

Type: Mainpro+ Workshops (Mainpro-C)
Thursday May 10
1:00pm to 4:00pm
Location: Room 103
Credits: 9 Mainpro+
Price: $495+HST

  • Description

    Many of your patients suffer from anxiety. But besides drugs, what tools do you have to help them? This highly-practical "triple accredited" CME works through family practice case studies of generalized anxiety disorder (chronic worry) and common contemporary fears. The focus is on ten-minute techniques that can be effortlessly integrated into normal primary care appointments. Participants are encouraged to discuss real-life cases, and are shown how to weave effective CBT techniques into their standard family practice routines. Note: Many of the non-pharmacological tools taught are very important to the resilience of physicians, along with that of their children and other family members.

    Learning Objectives
    • Learn to pinpoint key anxiety-causing beliefs.
    • Learn highly-modular treatment protocols.
    • Learn to match interventions to individual patients.

  • Speakers