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The Top 5: What evidence-informed palliative care practices can you incorporate right now?

Type: Session
Therapeutic: Ethical & Legal Issues,Geriatrics,Oncology & Hematology,Pain Management
Thursday May 10
4:45pm to 5:45pm
Location: Lecture Hall 2
Credits: 1 Mainpro+

  • Description

    This session will review the top 5, evidence-informed palliative care practices that all primary care providers should know. Through the review of high quality articles from the medical literature, primary care providers will learn about the evidence for: 1. Early referral to palliative care 2. Hydration and artificial nutrition at end-of-life 3. Advanced-care planning conversations 4. Palliative care in patients with non-malignant, life-threatening illness Practical palliative care resources to support primary care providers, caregivers and families will also be discussed.

    Learning Objectives
    • Describe and discuss palliative care best practices with a colleague, patient or family member.
    • Question common approaches to end-of-life care based on the evidence discussed.
    • Identify the indications and contra-indications for hydration and artificial nutrition in the palliative care setting.

  • Speakers