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PBSG AdHoc Workshop: Low Back Pain in Adults & Osteoporosis

Type: Mainpro+ Workshops (Mainpro-C)
Thursday May 10
9:00am to 12:00pm
Location: Room 102
Credits: 8 Mainpro+
Price: $295.75+HST

  • Description

    Almost all adults will have a least one episode of low back pain in their lifetime, making it one of the most common presentations in family practice. Although acute low back pain is almost always benign and resolves in a few weeks, it is essential to rule out serious underlying pathology. Optimal treatment of acute low back pain can prevent the development of chronic low back pain in many patients. Osteoporosis and resulting fragility fractures impose an enormous burden – on both a personal and societal level, costing the Canadian healthcare system $3.9 billion each year. The approach to osteoporosis – with a shift in focus from bone mineral density to fracture risk – includes appropriate screening and treatment for primary fracture prevention, effective management of fractures when they do occur and prevention of future secondary fractures.

    Learning Objectives
    • The Low Back Pain in Adults module will enable clinicians to evaluate and appropriately investigate acute and chronic low back pain; prescribe non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical treatments for acute and chronic or recurrent low back pain; and reduce the likelihood of patients developing chronic low back pain.
    • The Osteoporosis module will enable clinicians to appropriately screen for osteoporosis including secondary causes; monitor and treat osteoporosis safely and optimally with pharmacotherapy; and manage acute osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures and effectively treat pain.

  • Speakers